A Campus Party is a cutting-edge technology where the Internet does things, a Culture Maker, Blockchain, Education and Entrepreneurship to create a unique and must-see event. In Brazil for more than 12 years, also present in countries with editions in Spain, Holland, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, Argentina, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy and Singapore.

This year, I participated in a party at Campus São Paulo, one of the largest in Brazil, and an audience that was present as an official internet of the event and a differentiated connection with fast, secure and stable Internet. Now, the time has come for Brasilia, which is scheduling the event from June 19 to 23 at the Mané Garrincha Stadium, and once again we are an official internet.

To emerge technology and information, CPBSB3 brings, you need a fast, stable, secure connection with a 100% fiber optic and super modern structure.

Our UFO will also be present, to bring even more connectivity and have any other support needed. A fantastic connection to an extraordinary event! 🚀🛸🌐