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Why is Dedicated Link the right connection for your business?

The perfect internet to boost your business connection! In the corporate market, having a connection that ensures fast, secure and stable web access is critical. For business, the flow of information is vital, so an efficient connection that ensures full functionality for downloads, uploads, applications, and other forms of information exchange is really needed. This […]

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Meet the Use Telecom Dedicated Link!

An internet connection much higher than the speeds offered by broadband plans and guaranteed stability and speed with 100% Upload and 100% Download? Meet the Use Telecom Dedicated Link! The service delivery is made with 100% fiber optic structure, ensuring ultra speed and with a support available 24 hours. Everything for your company to be […]

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Your safest connection to USE Telecom

Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attacks, also known as a denial of service attack, are an attempt to cause an overload on a given server or common computer so that system resources are unavailable for use. your users. In order for the attack to occur, an attacker uses techniques that send multiple packet requests to […]

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