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Your safest connection to USE Telecom

Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attacks, also known as a denial of service attack, are an attempt to cause an overload on a given server or common computer so that system resources are unavailable for use. your users. In order for the attack to occur, an attacker uses techniques that send multiple packet requests to […]

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Connect with the future, connect with Dedicated Link Use Telecom!

Imagine a decongestible route to an exclusive connection without jams ?! This is how Dedicated Link works … Synonymous with guarantee of speed delivery established in contract, this type of service, unlike Broadband, has two exclusive channels for connection, without division with other users, ensuring signal stability. Being a stable, fast and secure connection for […]

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To move forward, you must have a connection of the future!

The internet has managed to achieve a status of communication channel indispensable for humanity. For businesses, the internet has revolutionized facilitating various functions. The way to promote services and products, how to relate to customers and the internal operation of the corporation … All this has been changing and bringing advantages to companies that have […]

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