Imagine a decongestible route to an exclusive connection without jams ?! This is how Dedicated Link works … Synonymous with guarantee of speed delivery established in contract, this type of service, unlike Broadband, has two exclusive channels for connection, without division with other users, ensuring signal stability. Being a stable, fast and secure connection for the corporate sector is the ideal internet.

Dedicated Link ensures linearity in speed regardless of how many people are using the network. Besides being ideal for corporate internet, Dedicated Link is the solution for connecting to occasional events, where there may be a large number of people connected to the same network.

Use Telecom Dedicated Link raises the bar for infrastructure reliability and makes your business or event data more secure by ensuring 100% Upload and 100% Download speed and stability.

Check out advantages:

  • 100% fiber optic delivery
  • Ultra speed internet
  • 6 hour SLA
  • 24h support
  • Guaranteed contracted speed (upload and download)
  • Speeds from 10 Mbps without limits
  • Fixed IPs

Connect with the future, connect with Dedicated Link Use Telecom!