June 30 was the date chosen to pay homage to the networks and the impact they cause in contemporary societies. Conceptually, social media are channels of communication and relationship on the internet, has taken and has taken more and more space and getting different functions.

They have completely changed the media, and in addition, social media has provided a form of direct interaction between who produces the information and its audience, that is, the mass audience. Thanks to social media, the productions and dissemination of content have stopped focusing only on the big broadcasters and mass media, democratizing the information.

Several professions have emerged with the popularization of the media, it is not difficult to meet several celebrities who have made their career based solely on social media. Nowadays for example, there are sectors in advertising agencies that are intended only for social media communication. Companies have had to adapt to the language of networks and people have never been so connected.

To be present all the time in networks / social media, a stable connection is essential. Use Telecom’s role is to ensure quality and safe navigation for everyone. Together with our providers, we carry connection everywhere, ensuring the inclusion and accessible digital dissemination. In this way, we push for social media to be even more democratic spaces and with the largest number of connected people possible.