a) We know that our services provided are essential to the day of people and companies, especially at times like these, when the internet becomes more used for work at home and leisure for children in school recess;

b) Our daily technicians visit several houses and can become vectors of transmission and spread of viruses, so, as a means of prevention, take some provisional measures.


Respect the determination of health agencies, monitor or control the risk of contacting our customers and employees, following the following protocols:

Customer Service in our company

With the intention of protecting our employees and customers, but taking into account the resolution of urgent cases, the service to the public is suspended, we are working on closed gates. Therefore, our authorized attendants mask and sanitize properly for internal activities and only in extraordinary cases that cannot be solved by phone or social networks attended by appointment.

Our telephone support will be maintained and expanded, we have 3 business centers, Aracaju – SE, Lauro de Freitas and Barreiras – BA. Our teams are working in an office and at home to guarantee or serve everyone.

Technical visits:

Technical visits will be reduced as much as possible. Remember that our support is able to remotely solve major connection problems with your help, it is the ideal time to collaborate with us. In cases where this is not possible, a technical visit can be triggered. Our technicians, equipped with masks, gloves and properly cleaned, will make the home visit. Please respect the protocols and do not make any physical contact with our employees.

Our company is already in contact with the public security agencies to guarantee the right of movement of our vehicles and technicians to solve problems.


If there is someone in your sick home, report a company, WE WILL NOT LEAVE ANY SERVICE, but with this information we will redouble the care!
If there are people at risk in your home, ask them to avoid contact with technicians, it is a way to prevent a person from dangerous exposure.
After the technician leaves your home, always clean the environment.
Network Capacity

Our network is able to track or track extra by this quarantine demand.

We are already available to all our broadband customers or twice the speed (contracted plan) for an initial period of 30 days, which can be renewed until the end of the pandemic.

Our data center is prepared and automated in several aspects, including isolations of up to 30 days.

We have already taken all measures to guarantee you and your company or the best service in this time of pandemic.

If you are a subscriber to the dedicated link and use an upgrade or fixed ip for VPN services, simply fill out the online form so that you can make this service available for free during this period, using each case according to the availability of the POP (service point) that derives from your company’s connection.

Our concern is always with you and our collaborators, together we can prevent the pandemic from becoming even greater.

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