The internet has managed to achieve a status of communication channel indispensable for humanity. For businesses, the internet has revolutionized facilitating various functions. The way to promote services and products, how to relate to customers and the internal operation of the corporation …

All this has been changing and bringing advantages to companies that have a good connection. In the digital age, a company’s conventional means of internal communication such as scanned phones and scraps were reduced and made room for new forms.

Nowadays, the use of e-mails and other organizational platforms are prioritized in companies, regardless of the segment, making the need for a fast, secure and stable connection.

Thinking about the different corporate scenarios today, Use Telecom offers connection services designed especially for companies. Corporate Premium Use is a differentiated connection so that every business can have the premium experience.

We offer packages, which in addition to the internet with 100% fiber optic structure, include line
telephone, Wi-Fi and security system.

The perfect package for your company to have the Premium experience 🌐
🌐 USE 200Mbps
🌐 USE 500Mbps
🌐 USE 1Gb

Use Corporate Premium is the necessary connection to take your business beyond!