Data transport service 100% Fiber optics.

Transfer of physical data along a point-to-point or multipoint communication channel.

We reduce its latency, making your connection faster and more stable.

At the speed of your need – End to end.

We offer high speed through your network. With very low failure rate and high network reliability.

Virtually unlimited bandwidth and scalability with high availability.

* See technical feasibility.

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We offer bandwidth beyond 1Gb. Our goal is to meet exactly your need. For personalized sales, please contact our sales team.

SLA 6h
IP block /30
Support 24x7
Availability 99,50%
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10Mbps Feasibility
20Mbps Feasibility
30Mbps Feasibility
40Mbps Feasibility
50Mbps Feasibility
60Mbps Feasibility
70Mbps Feasibility
80Mbps Feasibility
1Gb Feasibility

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