Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attacks, also known as a denial of service attack, are an attempt to cause an overload on a given server or common computer so that system resources are unavailable for use. your users. In order for the attack to occur, an attacker uses techniques that send multiple packet requests to the target so that the attacker becomes overwhelmed in a way that can no longer respond to any packet requests. As a result, all users can no longer access data from the computer because it is unavailable and unable to answer any requests.

Top targets for DDoS attacks are online shopping sites and any business or organization that relies on providing online services. Unfortunately the traditional means of security (Firewall and IPS) are not effective to combat such attacks. Network protection is becoming increasingly essential to secure connection security!

Having this protection on networks is becoming increasingly important as DDoS attacks are growing and companies and organizations should be aware of this. Always caring for a secure connection, Use Telecom has partnered with UPX, a digital security and performance specialist for 16 years, and has an ever-expanding global network and the expertise of professionals promoting disruptive protection discussions and technologies. from the internet and its users. Considered one of the largest players in the market, it is present in Campinas (SP), Brasilia (DF) and Miami (USA).

It’s Use Telecom making a difference in the telecommunications market.